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Exciting News: Horze Equestrian is Now EQUINAVIA!

By a beautiful Scandinavian Fjord where the weather only settles at extremes, a man compelled by the bond with his horse empowered designs that elevated horsemanship. Thus was Finntack born for the racing industry; followed two decades later by Horze for horseback riders.

With this rich legacy, we are now proud to introduce Equinavia—a new company name and brand—whose mission is to equip and inspire every equestrian for excellence.

We will still carry the same great brands as before including Horze, B//Vertigo and Finntack—now, all of these brands will be under the umbrella of Equinavia so that in the future we can expand the collection of products that we may distribute to you.

The quality and variety of the products and marketing you have come to know will remain the same. With our Scandinavian heritage of discovery, we’ll continue to explore other brands and develop products that riders will be asking for tomorrow.

You will see Equinavia gradually launching its brand over the next year across different platforms and being recognized as the original source, leading the way in equestrian innovation.

Thank you very much for being an ambassador for our brands. From day one, you as our customer are instrumental to us and we promise to remain:

To foster fair and honest relationships

To provide customer driven, informed and collaborative services at an exceptional value

Upright and accountable

Courageous, adaptive, present, curious and agile

Last but not least, Equinavia will always remain grateful

Thank you for your support—it has been a pleasure serving you so far as Finntack and Horze-Equestrian, and we hope to continue our relationship in the forthcoming years as Equinavia. It is with great humility and respect that we say that we are looking forward to serving you for many years to come.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our customer support can be reached here or by phone at 1 (860) 647-4422.