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Sunday’s picture:

WINNERS: Marie Cunningham

Saturday’s picture:
WINNERS: Chantal de Goede, Beth Smith
Friday’s picture:

WINNERS: Helen van Dijk, Janet Tate, Jordi Froma

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  • N Kemper

    Woooow.. i love this saddlepad!!

  • Ania

    That is so sweet!

  • Ange

    Je le veux !!!!

  • Debbie Patrick


  • sten dahl

    its a nice saddlpad
    i could use it for my girlfriend and her horse

  • Valerie Woods

    Awesome color! It would look stunning on my Palomino Morgan mare!

  • Michelle White

    Love the look and the color!!!

  • Marjo Wilen

    What a nice colour!

  • Katja Kuortti

    Love <3

  • Sarah Beesley

    This saddle pad is Stunning!! I have a pink addiction and would love to win this!

  • Sarah Beesley

    How do I get my hands on a pair of those stirrups?

  • Bettina Frei

    I would like to win..its beautiful :-)

  • anastusha

    I would like to win too

  • Panicz

    most appropriate for my mare

  • malin johansson

    I’ve a New horse it fits here great

  • Susan D.

    I love the bright colors!!!

  • Cally

    This pad will give my trainer a heart attack. Love it!

  • Janet

    I absolutely love this pad

  • Summer galecki


  • marilyn lane

    i rescued a horse and i could ride her with a saddle like this what a luxury

  • Amber Rossi

    what an awesome prize, this would be awesome to use to ride the rescue training horses with :-) then I could retire the older saddle that’s not so comfy any more :-(

  • joy

    So nice!

  • Jan B.


  • Terri hart

    this saddle blanket would really suit my daughters pony

  • cenedra pink

    well pink is my fav colour next to yellow and its not becuz my last name is pink its cuase it looks so good on my bay mare
    would make and awesome addition

  • Georgia Hayes

    Liked and shared! :)

  • jannie r rosenkilde

    Awesome ;)

  • Kamilla Kajb├Žk

    Need to have ;-)

  • Tilde

    I want to wiiiin! <3

  • Wivi

    Some things you just love!

  • nath aux dadoux

    Like blue and pink color <3



  • Reija Laurila

    Green rug+halter for my pony:)!

  • Wendy

    Very nice, I love the colours.

  • Jordi Froma

    I WON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katja Kuortti

    Love the colours!

  • john milroy

    i love the colors i want one

  • Heidi Ylilehto

    Pink is new black!

  • Sanne Nielsen

    I wish!! It could be so great and just love the colour! :))

  • Deborah Repsher

    I just saw this and my the 2 things I need right now! The rug and halter! Would look great on my guy in that blue!!!

  • Jane Kristensen

    Nice a must have

  • Anouk

    This is amazing! That rug and halter will be look very cool on my horse :)

  • Hilde Rendall

    I wish! ;)

  • Jeanett milling


  • Peter De Clercq

    very beautiful,i like it!! :)

  • sandra konings

    Wow my oldest horse of 27 would look amazing in it

  • Marieke

    Wauw i love all the colors they ar amazing, The pink one would look great on my horse. <3

  • michelle mikkelson

    love the colours do you have purple

    • Tabby Jacobs

      Not yet, but perhaps next season! Check out the colours we have here:

  • Anna

    Who won the prizes for Saturday and Sunday?

    • Tabby Jacobs

      Hi Anna,
      Sorry- there was a technical fault with the post. This is now fixed, so the winners are published.