Win BIG: One winner every week


Would you like to win 100 EUROS to spend on our summer sale?

Use the new video function on INSTAGRAM and post a short film of you and your horse where you describe why JUST YOU AND YOUR HORSE should win the gift card! Add following text: “I’m participating in a competition from @horze_equestrian where me and my horse can win summer products from Horze. #horzesummersale

All films with the hashtag #horzesummersale will enter the prize draw. One winner will be drawn every week of the sale and announced on our Horze instagram account @horze_equestrian as well as on our blog,

If you don’t have instagram account or can’t film, send us your reason for winning in the comment box of our competition blog post.

Good Luck!

Tabby is Public Relations and Social Marketing coordinator for Horze. As well as being the company's journalist, she holds contact and promotes our Team of sponsor riders, negotiates editorial material with magazines internationally and drives our various social media outlets. She is originally from England, and has lived in Oslo for the last year and half.

  • Kitija

    hi! how can i send my video, if i dont have a instagram account? Is any another way how can i send my video to you? :))

  • Allison Stitzinger

    My pony, Dino and I should win this contest because as an adult rider on a pony, we’re always the underdogs. We deserve a little “extra”!

  • EleanorJen

    My Appaloosa pony Jen would love to win because at the moment she has mainly second hand equipment. My favourite colour is pink and so we would love to win to buy some pink equipment! Jen really deserves some new things since she is a pony in a million and has taught me so much! Thank you

  • Ashlea Ponsford

    Me and horsie Tessa deserve to win this as we’ve been workin hard over winter bonding together fixing all her ex problems we’ll be going to pony club soon and will love some new gear for future camps , rallys etc:). Cant film instagram as i have no wifi out in the paddock :(

  • Alice Alexeeva

    My pony, Lucy, and I have started to do eventing and because of this we
    need an array of new gear. All of the new gear we need can be found at
    Horze, however, I currently do not have enough money to get everything
    we need because I have to pay for Lucy’s lease every month and I want to
    have enough money to enter in competitions. 100 euros (or $128 since
    I’m in the US) would certainly cover what Lucy and I need in order to

    Thank you Horze for providing this opportunity!

  • Ana

    I think me and my horse Arlington deserve to win this amazing giveaway because my dad recently lost his job and we are unable to pay for supplies anymore. He also deserves to win because he loves me and I love him and thats anything I could ask for. He got me out of my many problems and I got him out of his: we helped eachother. He’s my bestfriend and I want to give him EVERYTHING I have the opportunity to give him! :)

  • Annette Kristiansen

    My horses Alako and Snowflake is my life. They give me much more than I can ever return back to them. They give me strength, confidence, support, friendship, and the will to live. Without them I would find myself in a foreign land. They are my everything, my life, my therapists, my medicine, my angels at heart. They deserve more than I can ever repay. They are my heros. This is why my horses deserve this fantastic price.

  • Marika Moring

    Hi, I don’t have instagram, but could very much use the 100€ gift card. :)
    I have now 18 year old Icelandic mare, Heta, who sadly got summer itch the year after I bought her. However it’s managable condition and I found Pharma Care Summer Relief to be one of the best products for her. However the lotion is fairly pricy and it takes several bottles of it to manage one summer. Now I also have a colt, born 29th of May this year. He’s after my mare and I’d very much hope to be able to keep him for the future. But things aren’t looking too good and he’s shown some mild symptoms of being over sensitive to bugs, much like a summer itch horse even though he’s so little. So that’s one fear for his future, othervise he has super nice personality and attitude towards anything new. I’m also hoping to get into competitions and all show clothing seems to be fairly expensive. So even if it would be just a 100€(in horse business it really isn’t that much honestly) it would help some. I live with the folks and have part time job, as I can’t seem to get any regular jobs, plus I’d really want to go to study but I’m always worried about money and my horses… It’s my horses first and myself second.

    In the picture it’s three of us. Little guy is less than 24 hours old and it’s his first time outside. :)

  • Antía Goberna

    Hola!! I live in Spain and I love ride my mare Sugar, my barn rescue her last summer from a person that do not take care of her and beginning to use her like a lesson horse but she was a little rebel for the kids so my trainer said me that I have to ride her bc the barn children couldn’t. So I beginning to trainer her but she didin’t know hoe tojump so we started from the begin. We teach her to jump little jumps and with little steps we jump a 1.00m cours. That was the best day of my life! Right now I’m show her in the 0,80m category but I know that she can do it a lot better. She is my best friend and I know that she’d take care of me what ever happened. (I haven’t got Instagram but I want to participate in the Win Big, 100€ for me on Horze would be like a God’s present hahaha)

  • Miia

    I think that me and my horse should win because today is 4 years of that day when I got him. When I got Lennu he didn’t even know how to gallop, but now he jump 110cm with me! I hope that someday he can jump 120cm with me,fortunately he is only 13. Lennu is ex trotter so everyone said me that he can’t be a good jumper and they were wrong!! if we win then I can buy to lennu 4 anniversary gift that would be awesome! <3
    Greetings from Finland! (=

  • Kitija Kreišmane

    Hi, my name is Kitija and I have american trotter All for Smiling. :) We are 14 years old and we live in Latvia. Smiley`s last owners wasnt nice to he, and when I get he, he was scared from people, from jumping. But now we are together 3 years and last autumn I start ride he bitless. He was verry good understanding my commands. And then we start to jump! And withot bit he was not scared from jumping, now we can jump 100 cm! And I think we need that gift card, becouse in Latvia is only one horse and rider equipment shop! And we did hard work together, and I think we are deserve it! And when my friends will be askng – “ Woooow, Kitty, where did you get that new equipment? “ I will answer “ from Horze! Its a rider and horse equipment paradise! “ :))
    In photos we ar in our first jumping competiton and we get 3rd place!! And next photos are in Salacgrivas Cup 2013 what was in our stable! And last photo are in Ligo! :)
    With greetings, All for Smiling and Kitija, from Latvia! :))