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Bags are a real must for any equestrian enthusiast. Garment bags help to keep your jackets, shirts and equestrian clothing smooth and wrinkle free. Your competition clothes will arrive in excellent condition while you travel across country to a variety of shows.christian louboutin outlet,ralph lauren sale uk,louis vuitton bags online,cheap michael kors bags sale,wedding party dresses 2014

Maintaining a healthy back

If you’re similar to the average horse lover, then you’ll probably be obsessed with cramming every bit of tack in your bag whenever you travel – heaven forbid leaving anything behind! Not to mention all your ‘stuff’ as well – keys, riding gear, phones, the latest technology…the list goes on.

Jamming your bag full of tack and struggling to carry it does not do your back any good however, and can lead to disabling back pain symptoms. Choosing the best bag for your back — and wearing it the correct way — can help you avoid that pain. Try a few of these simple tips in order to prevent and beat back pain.
  • Don’t select your biggest tack bag, you’ll only fill it up! For example, if you’re transporting boots then take a Boot Bag, especially designed for your boots only! Horze’s Boot bag has a two-way carry system – over the shoulder or by the handles, to help support your back. It also comes with an extra side pocket for spurs.

    Horze Grooming Bag

  • Try to avoid carry a single strapped bag. Carrying extra weight on one side can lead to a curve in the spine. If this is unavoidable, then make sure you swap sides, to distribute the weight.
  • Choose a bag with thick straps, so they don’t cut into your shoulder.
  • When carrying lots of tack, back packs or rucksacks are a good idea. Make sure you adjust the straps so that you carry it high on your back.
  • Carry less than 10% of your body weight for a safe, strong back.
  • Don’t carry more than you have to – try to be ruthless! Ask friends and helpers to assist, or invest in a trolley for heavy items.

Remember that a healthy, mobile back is essential for your riding position – if you are experiencing soreness or tension, it will immediately transmit to your horse. Try and maintain good posture at all times when at the yard or barn – for example, using your core muscles to help carry hay bales, or carrying water buckets on both sides (not just your strong arm, which is usually our right arm!), for evenness.

Horze’s Garment Bag, which is available in Chocolate Brown or Dark Blue is perfect for keeping any outfit clean and unwrinkled. Code: 44051

We all know our horsey friends don’t like to travel light; tack bags are a great way of keeping all your horse’s tack together in one place and in good condition. Never misplace any of your tack again – Horze has a range of bags from saddle bags to grooming bags, to make travelling that little bit easier.

Happy-Go-Lucky Pony Backpack

Horze Boot Bag – Available in Chocolate Brown, Dark Navy, Khaki Green and Pink. This boot-shaped bag has a two-way carry system – over the shoulder or by the handles with an extra side pocket for spurs. Code: 44056-CBR/TG

Horze Grooming Bag – Available in Chocolate Brown, Dark Navy, Khaki Green and Pink. Plenty of space for brushes, leg wraps and much more. Code: 44075-CBR/TG

Looking for a fun and funky bag? Try the Happy-Go-Lucky Pony Backpack – Perfect for the young rider. Available in white, and has one large pocket and adjustable straps. Code: 44062-WH


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