Video Blog Competition


Horze’s blog competition last month was to make video blogs about what they’d like to give their horse for Christmas if they could give them anything in the world. Here are the videos that our bloggers made for us! Vote for your favourite by clicking the “like” button.

By: Ann-Charlott Palmquist

By: Camilla Berg

By: Eleni-Danai Blacky

By: Isabella Eskildsen

By: Astri Helvig Waldeland

By: Tuuli Ahola

By: Monica Udnæs

By: Annikken Therese

By: Beatriiz Rosário

By: Reetta Suominen

By: Melli Richter

By: Ornella Aminata Faye

By: Alexia Moulin

By: Chloé Créoff

By: Charlotte Lodin

By: Julia Szczepanik

By: Laura Renard

By: Annemette Hansen

By: Elodie Saudrais

By: Mathiilde Vaudin

By: Annemette Hansen

By: Ronja Voigt

By: Daniela Bäckström

By: Laurène Abcaya

By: Santusha Anderssen

By: Julie Fog Møller

By: Ludivine Josse

By: Sarah Nielsen

By: Sif Simonsen

By: Sofie von Lillienskjold

By: Laetitia Quelo

By: Tiril F. Jørgensen

Tabby is Public Relations and Social Marketing coordinator for Horze. As well as being the company's journalist, she holds contact and promotes our Team of sponsor riders, negotiates editorial material with magazines internationally and drives our various social media outlets. She is originally from England, and has lived in Oslo for the last year and half.