Team Horze Riders Update

The last few weeks of competition has shown some fantastic results from our team riders! Amongst the 5 presented in the Danish Christmas Show Grand Prix award ceremony, 3 of them were are own riders. Mike Patrick Leichle took gold, while Jennifer Fogh Pedersen took 3rd place and Tina Lund took 4th.

Mike Patrick also won the Sixbar with Chandial, but it was Canturado who brought home the gold in the Grand Prix. “I’m delighted wi

th the horses, and to have done well in such a great show! The next show will be CSI** Neustadt-Dosse in January” For Jennifer Fogh Pedersen, it was Zamira that got her double clears and a 3rd in the 150 Grand Prix, clear and placed in the 140 and 145 qualifiers. In all, nine placings.


Ellen Birgitte Fabrot also sent us this news from Vilhemsborg, Denmark where she competed with Tailormade Mr.Pink. This was the finals for a cup at small tour level. “The cup started out with 60 competitors and we were 15 to go to the finals. We ended 11 in the finals which I’m really happy with. The 24.11.12 I was with Tailormade Soroya to a show at Skaarupgaard, Denmark. She did amazing and won the class scoring a total of 72%! This was her last show this season, so now we will prepare her for small tour in January”.

Emil Flam was also been at the CSI Twente in the Netherlands where he was competing in the international junior classes.
“My 7 year old gelding Augustinus Lan (f. Indoctro ) was placed twice in the 130’s. My 10 year old mare Vega (f. Heartbreaker ) was 3rd the second day in the 135 and we became second in the Grand Prix which was only our second time we competed at that level. Also did my sister win the pony grand prix and my brother the smaller pony class, so me and my family had an amazing show!”

Well done to all our riders for some fantastic riding!