Spring News…


Message from Horze directors, Rune Stadven and Johannes Nevanlinna.

It is a great joy to see that Finn-Tack products are so well received by equestrians around the whole world today. Spring is now underway in Europe and the United States, and our seasonal products are waiting for you in the shops and chains of our fantastic franchisees and partners. We can promise a lot of exciting new equipment this spring to inspire you and your horse, and we’d like to express our thanks to you for choosing our products time and time again. We work tirelessly to design and develop our products to make them the best products in the market for the best price. It is you as our customer and partner that will continually feel the benefits of this. Beautiful new catalogues for Horze, B Vertigo and Finn-Tack have been printed are currently on their way.

We hope that our products contribute in giving extra inspiration and motivation in the days ahead.


Have you heard?

New Sulky- Coming soon. Finn-Tack will soon be releasing an exciting new sulky that is going to establish itself and challenge competition in the market. The orders are already piling up and according to product manager, Mikko Mourujavi the sulky is guaranteed to be a best-seller. The Finn-Tack management team presented the sulky’s prototype at the recent Prix d’Amerique, and it was test-driven by amongst others trainer Anders Lindquist, french drivers Franck Nivard, Pierre Vercuysse, Dominik Locqueneux and Frank Leblanc. Yarrah Boko trainer, Trond Andersen also tested the new sulky. “I like the design”, he told us. “It seems very solid and an exciting combination of elements from the yankee cart, but with carbon fibre. Feedback from the french athletes was also very positive, and I look forward to testing it in a race”.

When asked for his comment, our international sales manager, Denis Marquez responded, “Get excited. This is going to be good!”. More information, including the launch date will follow soon.


The Winter 2014 Horze and B Vertigo collections are a success!

We’ve been busy all of february taking orders from our partners for this year’s autumn/winter collection for both Horze and B Vertigo. The number of orders received has reached a record high this time, and International Sales Manager for Horze, Ole André Risnes is very positive and satisfied with this result. He and his team recently returned from large exhibitions in Germany (SPOGA) and England (BETA) where the winter 2014 products were pre-sold. “The conclusion that can be drawn is that the collection has been extremely successful, and customers can look forward to the winter with anticipation for what promises to be the best collection to date”. Some of the Horze and B Vertigo products were shown off on the catwalk in Køln, to the rapturous applause from the audience. “We are really proud to see that the seasonal collections from Horze and B Vertigo get more and more popular every year”. General Manager for Finn-Tack USA, Fred Erik Nilsen is also very positive about results of the winter collections in the US. “The AETA exhibition in Philadelphia, USA has now be carried out and things are only going one way- upwards”, he tells us enthusiastically.

We would like to specially express our thanks to our skilled product team, as well as mentioning again our fantastic partners and customers that continue to invest in our products and are buying more and more which we are naturally very grateful for. Many thanks to you all.

Tabby is Public Relations and Social Marketing coordinator for Horze. As well as being the company's journalist, she holds contact and promotes our Team of sponsor riders, negotiates editorial material with magazines internationally and drives our various social media outlets. She is originally from England, and has lived in Oslo for the last year and half.