How to teach your horse to smile :)


Hi I’m Chloe Loane, Horze instagrammer and horse enthusiast!
These are my tips about how to get your horse to smile :)

Smiling is a very easy and fun trick to start of training your horse!

Horses naturally do this all the time so it’s pretty easy to teach them.

Things you’ll need:

1- Halter and lead rope ( unless you don’t use them )

2- Horse feed or treats

3- Patience!

So to begin with I only recommend training your horse for 10-15mins at a time as your horse may tend to loose Focus and become lazy with the trick.

(But remember all horses are different and you have to respect your horse)

To start training your horse to smile you need to come up with your own ‘cue’ like smile or lip or up. Whatever you want.

When I trained this I began by tickling the horses noes. When the horse moves his lips at all reward with a treat (don’t forget your cue).

Then the horse will begin to understand that when he moves his lip he gets a treat.

Over time the horse will lift his lip higher and you can start to ask him to hold the smile for longer and longer every time. At this time you will also have to start being more strict when you reward making sure you reward when the trick is done properly not like the small movements at the start of training.

Then make sure to take some horse smiling selfies and your sure to give everyone a giggle.

Hoped you enjoyed this fun little training guide! Check out my instagram account: @spiritchloe

Here’s a few more examples ;)




Chloe is 17 year old and comes from Ireland. Her passion for horses started from a young age, and she has been a rider for several years. Chloe loves to combine competitive riding with tackless riding but Her fun-loving approach and commitment to the good treatment of her horses has granted her a huge following from other young riders around the world with 213,000 followers on instagram. Horze are proud to be sponsoring her.

  • Daisy Cotton

    Hi it’s the @the_mollstar (you follow me on instagram) You are so inspiring Chloe, I honestly think that you are so strong to put up with those haters and you are such an inspirational young woman! I love you so much Chloe! xxx