Send us your Real Rider Stories


Do you have a story to share with us? We want you to tell us about a special experience, memory or something special that you’ve shared with your horse. Share your story with us and we’ll publish it for hundreds of other riders to read on our official company blog. Write to us telling us about you and your horse. These stories can be anything, from a precious memory that you have with your horse, something that happened to you together, how you met, anything you would like to share.

Some examples of stories we’ve had before can be read here:

tells the story of how she saved the life Maverick, how she adopted this little foal and how he changed her life:




sommer barbak på libaKathe Eirin Traa tells us what happened when she took on a partially wild horse in order to save her from the slaughter house.




59382_149822891719382_100000750166974_287410_2183700_nAlly Berry writes the heart wrenching tale of when her horse was stolen from her…





You can send with pictures and we will include it in our category “Real Rider Stories” where hundreds of other riders can read it. If you wish, we can also include a link to your blog, so that these readers have the chance to ogo on your blog and start following it. This will also hopefully increase your readers and your chances of sponsorship.

To send us your story, send it in here.
We’re looking forward to hearing yours!

Tabby is Public Relations and Social Marketing coordinator for Horze. As well as being the company's journalist, she holds contact and promotes our Team of sponsor riders, negotiates editorial material with magazines internationally and drives our various social media outlets. She is originally from England, and has lived in Oslo for the last year and half.

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  • myriam kutscher

    There he stood in his box. neglected, undernourished and aggressive. No one told me that you should not go to his box because he was too aggressive. when I went in but it was love at first sight. he did not let myself get out of the box. I was a volunteer at the animal shelter for a time and was in love. He has entered everything and everyone. I wanted him. I have 8 months used to be able to call my own for him. Today I gitano 22 years old and healthy. my fourth child.

  • Tracy

    hallo ik ben Tracy en dit is mijn pony igram. igram is een 10 jarige dominante pony,maar daar hou ik van.hij vind grapjes heel leuk.ik doe met hem recreatief rijden en daarna wil ik met hem dressuur en springen gaan doen!hij luistert heel goed naar mij!maar als hij een grapje uithaalt en ik vind het niet leuk STOPT hij METEEN! ik rij altijd op hem! hij is heel lief het is een super pony,maar is soms een beetje eigenwijs maar dat maakt hem zo schattig!hij moet wel goed worden aangespoord bij het draven want hij is een beetje koppig!

  • Stefania Moretti

    Hi I sent my real story with pictures arrived?

  • luwina wiwarena

    hi my name is luwina i am 13 years old and i am trying to fat up my girl horse Katie and i want to win something because i never be horse riding before so i need to tell that story to make happy and proud of me okay