Real Rider Stories: Stefania Moretti


I remember a dream so sweet

It was from my childhood I dreamed of galloping a horse, I spent my childhood playing with ponies and plastic piece, already all ‘age of my spring was this passion for horse aspire that one day was my intention to ride one of those real horses that I saw on television and in magazines illusion that I had as a child, then one day the chimera has landed actually appeared in front of my eyes!? A real horse! Made my first authentic charm when my parents took me that afternoon to visit a nearby riding school, I wrote and just saw them and she knew that a pony mare named Penelope after my first lessons of the week I grew fond of a lot to her, My life was transformed from class to class I felt so many emotions riding Penelope in that circuit that I entered immediately fortified with training in communication could maintain a good emotional relationship she responded to my commands accept all of me caressing cuddling her about listening to me made me feel brave as we were real friends I encouraged her more and more with myself and from that awkward shy girl began to realize my character and my life day after day carved all those conflicts of insecurity felt they were gone every day to share the everyday reality with all from the teenager indeterminate I found myself to be confident with life! Now I twenty-four years I have left a wonderful memory as the ‘beautiful splendor of a flower that you remember the smell the’ intensity of the colors, everything appears and reflects even now in my mind those glorious days of attendance that I donated happiness and love life

200474_100140076664821_5089564_n1Thanks Penelope for the way I’ve changed my plans, for being my new distraction, for putting an end to my first start, for the way you have taken the form of the idea of ​​everything that I wanted to have and for notifying me that there was something I missed with you … I understand the meaning of happiness …. and even if we are no longer together I will never forget your eyes, I will never forget your eyes, in which I lost myself all times, I will never forget the good that I wanted. . But in the end we always cling to the memories they are the only reason to keep going, to hope for a little longer, to relive those moments and make them feel almost real. It ‘a dream for which I had chosen to fight, it is a decision that I had taken and I have to abide by the consequences I can not leave, I can not ignore it: it’s inside of me, I found the strength is in the same place where I lost it , or maybe I’m just returned to take it back, because in that place there I left a part of me that little pipe dream that can not remain silent’m not going to change all that. Now the girl was clean from the earth on his back, has dried the tears and he stopped crying he raised his head and went forward, shook his fists and he rincominciato because he never gave up, despite everything, we believed yet. It’s been days, months, and years since she and I are no longer a binomial I rincominciato, I’m slowly rincominciando I’m trying to instill lift me, this is not what riding has taught us? get up after a fall, wipe from the earth and back in the saddle. I’m trying, believe me, I’m putting all of myself. Galloping in an endless dream, you and I write back our history together.

I’m just a girl who wanted to witness an important part of his life friendship between man and horse.


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