Real Rider Stories: Michelle Synnot


Helmets. Every ride.


My name is Michelle Synnot, Im a hunter and endurance rider from BC, Canada. Ive been riding and competing for seventeen years. i own three warmbloods, Dr Dresden (cwb), Silent Sam (Oldenburg) and James Jameson (iberian wb)

I had broke my four year old Oldenburg gelding and had begun his basic under saddle training. We were working in an indoor on lengthening trot. He had a melt down on the long side and rodeo’d on me. I was wearing a relatively expensive, well constructed LAS Vega helmet. I turned in the air to try and miss the fence and land on my side but I over corrected myself and landed straight on my head like a human lawn dart. I got back on and did a lap of trot. My concussion had started to set in. I began to lose vision in my right eye. My motor skills in my hands began to lessen to the point where my brain had difficulty telling my fingers to phone for a ride to the hospital. I also began to have difficulty finding words and as the nurses in the e.r. pointed out to me, I was repeating myself.

I experienced the after effects of a serious concussion, disrupted sleep patterns, depression, and anger problems. I was out of the saddle for about five weeks. I was told by doctors that concussions are accumulative so it wasn’t surprising that was the worst one I’ve ever had.

I wear a helmet every ride ESPECIALLY after that accident. I’m sure my head would have split like an egg if I hadn’t been wearing one.

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