Real Rider Stories: Luisa King


My pony of a lifetime

My story starts when I was 10 years old and had just moved to a small rural village with my mum… There was a riding stables two doors down and I was always there helping and wanting to ride as I had a passion for horses. A few months later the stables were shutting down most of the horses and ponies were moved on and sold barring two, a big grey and a 14.2hh chestnut cob mare. As a 10 year old I was desperate for a pony and as the chestnut was the pony I had always managed to take out for a ride at the stables I ran over to our house and begged and begged for this lovely scruffy pony eventually she cracked and went to see the lady and she said yes!image3 Mum came up to the house with a rather nervous smile telling me that we owned a pony, but it was going to take a lot of hard work. As the months went by I realised we hadn’t just bought this pony but had rescued her as she was very thin and ill, and it took a long time to transform her into the beautiful queen Ethel became. With my naive mind as a 10/11 year old I was unaware to the seriousness of what my mum had taken on with our lady but it dawned on me gradually. After the first year of gaining trust and fattening her up we were very close and bonded immensely. The years past and our bond became greater and greater, and we started lessons to improve and went hunting/ showing/jumping. It was the best time of my life: From the little pony that could of been put down to an amazing, fabulous Little hunt pony and an amazing friend. The years went by quickly and now we have had her for fourteen years and Ethel is now 25 & retired! She is the world’s best friend and no other animal will ever replace this amazing girl! When I look at her I don’t understand how any one could of ever been so cruel as to treat her badly before. My queen Ethel is spoiled rotten and deserves it all! I would walk on hot coals for this babe!