Real Rider Stories: Gry Smedhaugen


My best friend

I was a rider on a fjordhorse mare, and we “found” eachother like very fast. I loved her, and could do what ever I want with here, we became very good friends. She knew me, and I knew her. She was my best laugh, I could cry to her, and she shered me up. I could tell her everything, and she hold it to herself.

On day she was sold. She wasnt “my” horse anymore, and I was crushed. My best friend was gone, and I missed her ALOT..
I began riding to an another stable, and one day the owner came to me and said it was coming a new horse the day after. A fjordhorse mare. I did not think it was her, because it is alot of fjrdhorse mares. But I loved when it came new horses, so I looked forward to see this new horse, and I like fjordhorses. It is something special with them.
So after school the next day, I couldnt go to the stable fast enough. I went down to where the horses was, and I saw her. MY horse, and she saw me. I hae never seen her run so fast ever. And she chased the other horses. It was only me and her. And I cryed. I gave her a hu, and I cryed.

Later she was sold again, and I havn`t seen her after that. I really miss my best friend, Rufsa <3


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