News Update from the Finn-Tack Group


Dear Customer,

The year 2014 has been a very good year for the Finn-Tack Group. It is with great pleasure that we can communicate that sales of our products have had a very positive development in all countries. Customers have fallen in love with our three main product lines by Horze: Crescendo, with its subtle glamour, top-quality materials, and fashion-forward designs; Supreme, with its trendy and bold designs with functional and technical qualities; and Spirit, with its practicality and touch of style.

Our B//Vertigo collection, with its perfect blend of elegance and sportswear, have been strong selling items for us. Its focus on functionality, shape with excellent fit and high quality materials with a touch of color, are among the main reasons why the B//Vertigo collection continues to grow in the market.

All of our products for both horse and rider are developed by designers and product developers who are active in the sport and in some cases have been at the top level of the equestrian world. Not only this, but we also have a strong group of sponsors that our designers work actively with to ensure that our products are at a high level of quality while fulfilling the market needs for riding enthusiasts. This together with our high standards of quality and production control, allow us to confidently recommend and promote our products worldwide.

Finn-Tack is our corporate name, but also the name of our successful range of trotting products, which Finn-Tack started to develop in 1982. Today we are actively developing new and exciting products in close cooperation with renowned trotting trainers and drivers and will launch them in 2015. Our goal is to be the natural choice for all trotting enthusiasts.

On behalf of all of us, we want to wish all our existing and new customers a fantastic winter!


HZSUM2014-20140424-_2BE9079-Supreme (2)

Rune is the chief coordinator for sales, marketing and product assortment for the company. He is also Chairman on the Board for Finntack, the organisation to which Horze belongs. The job consists of sales development, managing training, ensuring the company is able to meet daily challenges. Rune loves to challenge the toughest competitors and to constantly be at the forefront of development within price, quality, logistics and design. In his free time he likes to train, especially skiing slalam in the winter, though he enjoys more of a sea life in the summer.