Meet the faces behind the Horze brand…


Meet the faces behind our brand! We want to introduce you to some of our fantastic team and this is the first in a series of employee presentations. Meet Judith, our in-house photographer as she tells us about her dream job:

judith_1I work as photographer and photoshoot coordinator at Horze, and have a creative and varied job!

Every season brings an exciting new project that begins with designing a pre-order catalogue to present our new collection of products internally to the Horze family.

This constitutes a two-day shoot with professional models and horses who present the clothes and equipment, as well as more technical product pictures that I take in my photo studio in Norway.

After this I get down to planning the photo shoot. This starts with a creative workshop where we decide how we’re going to present our new collection. We use storyboards to plan every photo in order to show the products in the best possible way. A moodboard also helps us to keep to a set style that we go for to create a consistent feeling in all of the photos.


We choose our locations from the finest stables around Europe in countries such as Portugal, Germany, Denmark, France, Great Britain etc.

We have two collections each year- one for spring/summer and one for autumn/winter, and the location we choose depends on the time of year.

The photoshoot crew consists of two photographers, a make-up artist, a hair stylist, clothes stylist and several professional models. Shooting usually lasts about ten days and often includes photography of both the Horze and B Vertigo ranges.

It’s incredibly fun and rewarding to work in a team with the goal of presenting beautiful products in the best possible way. The combination of model and horse makes the pictures particularly exciting in comparison with standard fashion. I have personally always loved taking photos of horses. It’s so easy to be impressed by such beautiful and massive animals in all their greatness!



After the shooting I go back to my studio in Norway where the photos are edited. When the photos are ready, they are delivered to Horze’s designers and web team who create the layout for flyers, campaigns, seasonal launches, the Horze website and many other purposes.

The combination of variation, flexibility combined with creativity makes it my absolute dream job. Working for Horze is very rewarding- We’re a hardworking and motivated team that love what we do and work for the same goal.

I look forward to many new projects and challenges in the future! :)

Tabby is Public Relations and Social Marketing coordinator for Horze. As well as being the company's journalist, she holds contact and promotes our Team of sponsor riders, negotiates editorial material with magazines internationally and drives our various social media outlets. She is originally from England, and has lived in Oslo for the last year and half.