Real Rider Stories: Lita Havn


Little red

It all started with an ad on in Norway. I was looking for my first custom name horse. The dream was a red flame that I could compete with, but then I saw a “bad” horse, but I knew it was only on this picture! The first image that was uploaded is the first I saw of her. When I was greeted her as she was very insecure and scared, she was locked in a small box in which she did not see any horses. She got bad food and little water. I went home in tears, it was a trust there between us! that I was quite sure, she was special! Next day I persuaded my parents over and pick her up. When we got there and were going to take her to the trailer asked Dad if she was old, but she was only 3! He thought it looked like she was 20! When we were writing the contracts called when the current owner of the butcher and canceled. It vistt not I, but the horse looked terrible! I can tell about this little red star in the far and wide but for and make a long story short. The second picture, after much work, sweat, bruises and tears so I got to sit on her back, I could touch her everywhere she could not bear to be looked at before but now she was a different horse. She has crackled broken my arm bitten off the tip of my finger, but alike just as the bond was our very special.



All my friends said I had to sell her or give her away since she was crazy, but she was just as crazy as me so I felt it was perfect. But it so happened that sparked it all, and she tried to jump over the fence but hind leg stuck in the fence. I had many different vets and see it, we tried to sew, but it just cracked up. We tried and keep it tightly with band saws but nothing worked. So we went to veterinary school and she was standing there for 4 weeks when they found out she had a heart defect! She was really ill, her heart was not able to get as much medicine. I had no choice but to try. Every day was a test, we did not know if she would survive .. It took a long time with a lot of tests! But we got through it, the worst thing was that she had a heart defect! my dream was to get the horse no one else got to it, I had been to but then, she was sick so she could not participate in competitions. Also she was a full-blooded as she was sick a lot of small wounds, I would not live in fear of this medesin tolerate not she. And it was too expensive for me with so much vet visits. So I

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had to sell her, she was slgt a cozy girl and thrive where she now lives. She was a naughty horse who beat you up but when I sold her she was fighting kind and relaxed with people around them! Look at the

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picture finally, how kind of expression she is, she was a completely different horse after only 2 years. Now I live on what I did with victoria so I accept difficult horse and work with those.