It’s all about the breeches

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Forget the purely practical side – today’s jodhpurs and breeches are also all about the fashion!!

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No-one can have failed to notice that competition attire has become more fashion-focussed in recent years – particularly for female riders. Of course, fashionable leisure riding clothing is not a new thing – since the latter part of the sixteenth century, when riding overskirts and cloaks were first introduced, ladies have been dressing for riding.

Jodhpurs were originally designed to be very practical long trousers, snug from the calf to the ankle, with reinforced fabric protecting the inner calf and knee from rubbing. Ladies began wearing jodhpurs during the 1920s, as they shifted away from riding side-saddle, and began riding astride. Once ladies became involved in the jodhpur trend, they realised that the attire blatantly needed to become a lot more fashionable!  One of the first high-profile women to adopt the wearing of jodhpurs was Coco Chanel. She transformed the ‘practical’ jodhpur into a fashion statement, both on and off the horse.

Today, the country and equestrian style of fashion has become even more popular. Jodhpur-style trousers are not only for horse lovers, but can be seen sashaying down the runway and are often part of everyday wear in the high street. Various designers have incorporated the equestrian and country styles into their clothing, including jodhpurs. Ralph Lauren is perhaps the most well-known of these designers, and with the help of Gucci, Stella McCartney and 2012 Fashion Week the equestrian styled jodhpur is most definitely a must have for people that have never even set foot in a stable yard!

Beautiful breeches

When entering equestrian competitions such as jumping, eventing and dressage, it is important that you fit yourself out with the right clothing. As horse riders, our riding clothing needs to remain practical, breathable and comfortable – but we are now embracing style too. There are a huge number of jodhpurs and breeches available for today’s horse riders in a wide range of colours.

Horze Grand Prix Full-Seat Breeches, Ladies– Ladies’ breeches with a broad concealed waist band and a full seat in stretchable imitation suede. Includes two slanting side pockets. In colour SG full seat suede with new material with mechanical stretch.
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In case you are not clear on the difference between jodhs and breeches, jodhpurs are longer in length, finishing at the ankle, and have a turn up of material that may be uncomfortable when worn with long leather boots. Breeches finish above the ankle and fasten with a button or more commonly, Velcro, and are more suited to use with long boots, as there’s less ‘bulk’ at the ankle.

Competition breeches continue to be ‘conservative’ in colour and style, with no patterns. A pair of neutral, light coloured breeches in cream, beige or white is considered acceptable in most disciplines, although bright white is the classic choice. (Consult your discipline’s governing body for their rules on competition clothing). But when hacking or training, why not be more colourful and fun, and embrace some of the smart patterned styles available?

Of course, it is important to wash your breeches or jodhpurs well, to keep them in pristine condition for equestrian competition – no stains are allowed!

How to wash light coloured jodhpurs and breeches:

  • Try to wash them separately from your other clothes and use a mild detergent.
  • Use cool water and a gentle machine wash.
  • Don’t spin the jodhpurs or breeches on a fast cycle, as this may be too harsh.
  • Always allow them to dry naturally to keep their form and fit.

Horze has a range of breeches that are perfect for the equestrian fashionista, whether you’re engaging in competitive riding or are simply enjoying a hack with your horse.

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  • sophia tuck

    Jodhpurs and breeches now a days are not limited to riding only, people often seen wearing horse wears at usual places like bus stand or at any other place. So it’s a fashion trend now. They provide security while riding.

  • Grace

    Nice post about the
    fashion that today’s jodhpurs and breeches have carried along with the way of
    choosing and their uses.

  • Austine Smith

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  • Mia Kulkarni

    When selecting breeches first thing you have to consider is comfort. I have just bought 2 breeches which are very attractive and comfortable. Nowadays there are various options in breeches with elastic material.