It’s all about performance


To tell A horse to perform is not as clever as making him want to perform. In fact, it’s even counter productive.

Treat him like your partner, care for his enthusiasm okay? Align and balance him, don’t stress, then make him want to dance.

Advice from Linnéa Aarflot

This photo of Linnéa Aarflot on her client’s horse Berlin at the New York Equestrian Centre was taken for our Horze summer sale photo shoot. All of the clothes seen are from the Horze Summer Sale.

Linnea Aarflot is a holistic horse trainer, artist and founder of Born in a creative family with lots of love for nature, she developed her talent for art at an early age, which she applied on her passion for horses. Already as a young girl her work on horses got tough stallions to calm down and weak horses to grow strong. She educated her first horse Mick to the highest level in dressage and healed him from a brain tumor. Linnea is specialized in holistic natural horsemanship and she has worked with a range of horses from Grand Prix dressage stallions, military horses, young western colts and wild horses. She has also helped a numerous amount of equipage to get a closer relationship. Today Linnea is the head of riding at the New York Equestrian Center and the Creative Director at, while she rides horses from Sweden to Montauk, New York, Italy, Florida and California, spreading her deep love and understanding of the equestrian life, language of horses and wisdom in nature.