Introducing BVX…


B Vertigo has now launched it’s Autumn Collection, and with this comes a whole new technical line called BVX.

BVX is a a sports line that encompasses all the functional and technical elements required for a superior athletic experience. We had a chat with designer, Chris Aadalen about the creative process of producing the brand profile for BVX.

“The idea with BVX was to make products for B Vertigo where a sports function was in focus. We discussed the idea of giving the new products we had designed their own profile, as B Vertigo’s profile was a little too elegant and belonged in a leisure context. As graphic designer for the line, I had to come up with something that reflected the message we wanted to share. After creative workshops and much personal brain storming, we found that BVX was perfect: BV being a shortened version of B Vertigo, while X represented the technical side of the line. 
I started by making sketches and mood boards to gather ideas for colours and styles, as well as gathering input and inspiration from internal departments and external consumer groups. I used all these pieces of input to create the foundation for BVX’s design profile. The colours we have chosen are inspired by fitness and they bring forth a sense of energy and joy for training. Working closely with product designer Siv Gunhild Waldeland, the team has created a concept that suits young, athletic riders with high training goals. 
It’s been an exciting and very rewarding journey, and we are delighted and proud to be presenting BVX to you for the first time”.

See the full BVX line here.

B Vertigo’s full Autumn range can also be seen here.

Watch B Vertigo’s New Collection Release Film here:

Tabby is Public Relations and Social Marketing coordinator for Horze. As well as being the company's journalist, she holds contact and promotes our Team of sponsor riders, negotiates editorial material with magazines internationally and drives our various social media outlets. She is originally from England, and has lived in Oslo for the last year and half.