How to actively improve your riding without lessons


If you experience the problems i do with horses then you’ll be aware money can be a bit tight sometimes (you, me and many other equestrians!). You’ll also know that lessons can get pushed to the back of the list of priorities behind vets bills, competing expenses etc.

So how do you improve?

What you will need;

1) Some kind of recording device

2) A tripod / fence / something to place camera on. (Or someone to record for you)

3) Focus and patience

Step 1 – Concentrate and recording

  • Go into your bubble! (In this bubble you are a 4* eventer preparing for the Olympics, so ride it like you stole it!)
  • Ask your friend or your use tripod on to record your “self lesson”
  • Every time you get on your horse you need to feel like this, feel the pressure and work you’re hardest.(like your in an actual lesson)

Know we all know that we need to let go and have some fun with or furry friends but try limit this to a specific times so your horse knows when hes working and when hes playing.

Step 2 – Analyse and correct

  •  Go home and watch your recordings.
  • Then Wright a list of everything you see you can improve on *(by taking it down your helping it sink into your brain more)
  • Watch some pro riders in your selected discipline on YouTube and analyse how they ride and there position ect.
  • Go back and compare your riding, then Wright some more things down to your list.

Step 3 – Apply your corrections

  • Now that you can see what your need to improve on!
  • Next time you ride pick one or two of the things you wrote down and could be improved on.
  • Then  work on them while you ride!
  • You can also tell a friend (or the friend that is recording you) what your corrections are and get her to remind you if you slack lol!
  • This is how I improve my position and riding without lessons, hope this helped!
  • Don’t forget to let me know how you got on with my methods!

Chloe is 17 year old and comes from Ireland. Her passion for horses started from a young age, and she has been a rider for several years. Chloe loves to combine competitive riding with tackless riding but Her fun-loving approach and commitment to the good treatment of her horses has granted her a huge following from other young riders around the world with 213,000 followers on instagram. Horze are proud to be sponsoring her.