Horze Winter Collection 2012

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We are delighted to announce the successful launch of yet another collection. The Horze Autumn/Winter collection brings to the market a whole range of technical, practical and fashionable products for you and your horse. The 2012 collection is our biggest and most successful collection ever. Introducing several never before seen products, and many vibrant colour alternatives to some of our most popular products.

We feel this collection is the result of and effective customer-provider relationship: our customers have given feedback on what they like, what they’d like improved and what they want changed. We have endeavoured to listen and learn from our customers, while still maintaining that which makes us Horze. The result is, something that is better than anything we’ve made before. The collection is vibrant, fun, classy and practical. We give this is our autumn gift to our customers, the thousands of horze lovers around the world that love quality, fashionable and well-priced products. We hope you enjoy it!

Rune Stadven
Sales and Marketing Director

Rune is the chief coordinator for sales, marketing and product assortment for the company. He is also Chairman on the Board for Finntack, the organisation to which Horze belongs. The job consists of sales development, managing training, ensuring the company is able to meet daily challenges. Rune loves to challenge the toughest competitors and to constantly be at the forefront of development within price, quality, logistics and design. In his free time he likes to train, especially skiing slalam in the winter, though he enjoys more of a sea life in the summer.