Horze Spring 2013 Collection


Spring is here!

The new collection is full of fashionable, sporty and elegant equipment and clothing for both horse and rider. We love it and hope you will as well.

Chelsea Parka Jacket

For us, the collection is about synergy: The interaction of elements that when combined produce a greater effect than the sum of the elements individually. A rider may have talent and passion. A horse may have power and courage. But only when these two elements are combined can they have the ability to shine and make others stop and take notice. Unite this team with the right equipment, and they’ll be able to do just about anything.

Our product managers have worked tirelessly with this vision in mind. They have carried out research to find out what our customers think, like and want to see more of. One of the results of this customer contact is an increase in matching and styling, which is very similar between horse and rider this season.

Horze goes Icelandic

Horze Bjork Halter

Perhaps the biggest news is that the collection includes an Icelandic horse range for both horse and rider. We have seen that there is a real lack of Icelandic equipment on the market today, and we want to meet this need, which is becoming more prominent in a sport that is growing considerably. We hope the Icelandic range will be a large part of our future and aim to develop the collection each season. The products can be viewed here.

B Vertigo releases today.

Today also marks the release of the B Vertigo Spring 2013 Collection. B Vertigo is a high-end brand for those who value classy products of the highest quality. Its sophisticated designs and luxurious materials are what make B Vertigo a fast growing and popular brand. The products will be launching on our website tonight and a lookbook of some of the finest products will soon be available.

To see the new B Vertigo products, as well as the B Vertigo lookbook, check out our website.

B Vertigo collection: coming soon


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Rune is the chief coordinator for sales, marketing and product assortment for the company. He is also Chairman on the Board for Finntack, the organisation to which Horze belongs. The job consists of sales development, managing training, ensuring the company is able to meet daily challenges. Rune loves to challenge the toughest competitors and to constantly be at the forefront of development within price, quality, logistics and design. In his free time he likes to train, especially skiing slalam in the winter, though he enjoys more of a sea life in the summer.