Horze Launches Web Sales in USA!


Horze is delighted to be announcing the launch of our online web shop in The United States!

Our web shop already serves thousands of horse lovers in Europe every day, and our desire has been to provide the same impeccable service in America. Our standard of quality,  value for money and record breaking delivery time are values that we have applied in the States.  We have recently set in motion an office and distribution center of 7432 m². All orders are shipped within one business day, shipping times being dependant on location and delivery method selected. (See more shipping details)

We have already sold to retailers all across the States, and the web shop, in cooperation with these retailers will mean that our products are available to every rider from every state, across the country.

Visit us at horze.com

Watch our launch film here:

Rune is the chief coordinator for sales, marketing and product assortment for the company. He is also Chairman on the Board for Finntack, the organisation to which Horze belongs. The job consists of sales development, managing training, ensuring the company is able to meet daily challenges. Rune loves to challenge the toughest competitors and to constantly be at the forefront of development within price, quality, logistics and design. In his free time he likes to train, especially skiing slalam in the winter, though he enjoys more of a sea life in the summer.