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Imagine if there was a place where you could go to get everything you needed for your horse, stable and all your own riding needs? Where you could simply and easily order all you need and get it delivered in one package from one place. Well, that reality isn’t as far away as you think. Did you know that our webshop sells so much more than just Horze products? In recent months you may have noticed the appearance the likes of Bucas, Cavallo, and Roeckl amongst other big brand names. Well this is all for a reason: We want to provide you with the perfect market place to shop equestrian online! Incorporating new brands on the webshop enables us to give you a simpler and more comprehensive experience when buying what you need.

Our customer service team will also take care of the whole order.

By bringing the biggest and best brands in the equestrian world together in one place, we can provide the ordering and speedy delivery of your products in one package. Not only will this save you several shipping charges, but also time- as our warehouses are well-known for market leading delivery time.

Who they are

Here are just some of the brands available on our website:

Cavallo was founded in 1978 as a riding boots manufacturing in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany. Shortly after founding, Cavallo has become the market leader in riding boots and is today one of the most prominent brands in the International equestrian sports.

Roeckl Sports is globally active, and yet remains a locally based, family-run mid-sized company. For six generations, Roeckl has stood for quality, perfection and innovation. They live up to the motto: “Being innovative by tradition. Preserving what is tried and tested. Improving what is good!”

B Vertigo: Innovative design, high quality and optimal fit characterizes the new collection B Vertigo. It is an exciting collection of outfits and accessories aimed at all those riders and horse-enthusiasts who need high quality.

Back-on-track: Each year, Back on Track helps hundreds

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of thousands of customers worldwide achieve a more active and comfortable life. Back on Track creates products that help people, horses and dogs.

Veredus: Riding to excellence. The company philosophy is grounded in the respect and valorisation of ancient recipes and natural traditions, combined with modern research and knowledge. For this very reason, horses and riders all over the world prize Bio Care Line products for their high quality and efficacy.


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And we’d like YOU to decide which brands we sell on our webshop! Tell us which brands you’d like to see on our webshop and we promise to consider them for our webship. www.horze.com is growing all the time, and we want to include you on the journey, so make sure you comment in the box below and tell us which equestrian brand you’d like to see on our site.

Our futre. It’s in your hands.

  • Margit

    I think the roeckl sports products should be sold on your web site!
    Because for exapmle riding gloves is an easy thing to shop in the internet. Its easy with the sizes, and the package will fit in ours mailboxes :-) Also I have not seen any other sides who sells these gloves in scandinavia.
    I love the horse web shop!

  • Cat

    I would love to see HV polo products (saddle pads, halters, breeches, etc.) sold on your website! I would also like it if the Veredus boots and products were available for purchase on your U.S. website.

  • Tuija

    I think the Back on Track products are amazing and should be sold on your website! They don’t help just the horses but the riders and their dogs as well. Back on Track products can be hard to find because not all the stores sell them. Via Horze, it would be easy, fast and simple to purchase these products!

  • Amy Biggs

    I love the veredus products, their boots are amazingly innovative and help produce the maximum safety and protection for the horse with a little interferance as possible. Absolutely brilliant!

  • Katinka

    I wish you could sell Charles Owen! Always wanted a helmet from there!

  • Riina

    Mountain Horse is my long time favourite. It’s not the cheapest one but all their products are fery high quality and they last many years.

  • Turid Nilsson

    I would like some Bvertigo stuff. ..Love the riding boots de luxe
    , Or something like that…they look very nice:-)

  • Nina Nordqvist

    Hello! I would really like if you could start selling the ‘Mountain Horse’ products! That would be great.

  • Nina Nordqvist

    I think Kingsland should be in your webshop.

  • Nina Nordqvist

    Why not Pikeur? :)

  • Jacky Roberts

    HKM! Brilliant products at affordable prices and always a bit different from the normal stuff out there.

  • Nina Nordqvist

    I like Zaldi as well.

  • Amy

    I think ROMFH would do really well for Horze! The brand has a great start-up story, much like yours, and their products are great quality for even better prices. I’m a huge fan of the ROMFH show shirts– not only are they stylish but they keep me nice and cool at the hottest of shows! I would absolutely love seeing ROMFH products in your store!

  • Tini Brankatschk

    I’d really love to see some “spooks” products ! These amazing waistcoats and showshirts would perfectly fit into your webshop!

  • Maria

    I would really like it if Horze would sell shoes from Ariat. They have great shoes for riding with several good models! The good quality also fits very good with the other brands that you sell.

  • Pia

    I think Horze should sell Dyon and Acavallo products in their webshop! The products are nice, and they are in good quality too. I also think Metalab bits with Pessoa Magic System is a great product! My best bit is from Metalab(It has the Pessoa Magic System), and my horse loves it!

  • Holly Zendarski

    I’d love to see you carry Kerrit’s items! They have the most awesome products for the modern day equestrian!

  • elise

    I think HKM. Not so expensive and the products are really nice!

  • Katelyn

    Two brands that i believe would be a great addition to your company are Tekna and Thinline. Tekna is a fantastic brand that specializes in synthetic tack and saddles, even protective boots. What makes their synthetic’s special is there real leather look. Thinline is another fantastic innovative product. Thinline’s saddle pads are designed to disperse shock and pressure evenly on the horse, as well as minimize heat. Thinline also offers bell boots, sport boots, and other supplies using the same material. I think both would make a great addition to your company :)

  • Andreas

    I think you should sell Roekl products in your webshop, because they have amazing riding gloves that fits perfectly and have good quality. I am very happy with my gloves and almost everyone in my club uses them!

  • Ance

    Perfect Sit of Sweden! Love there “revolution- bridles”. These are designed so the horse feel comfortable. :)


  • Mary

    I think you should sell HV Polo and USG breeches on your website really cool and different styles like the Horze ones you already sell. Would compliment your already great selection.

  • Julia Jansson

    I think you should have back on track on our website because its a amazing product and i know that it help many riders and horses to get as the company promise, back on track!! It Will be esier to find the products if horze stats to sell it.
    // Julia a real horze customer

  • Anouk

    I think you should sell BR product on the Horze website. They aren’t too expensive, so will more people order products on your website.

  • Roisin

    Definately think you should sell these brands:
    Spooks, Kingsland, more boot brands such as Ariats,
    and Harry’s Horse is a lovely brand too.
    Also a US brand that I can’t find in Europe is “Equine Couture” love it! Cheaper brand but costs a load to get it imported from US to ireland!

  • Gry Smedhuagen

    What about Kingsland? I love the clothes from them :)

  • Maxishu

    Ariat shoes – the best