Horze Autumn Collection. It’s here…


We’re happy and proud to announce our all-new seasonal products for horse and rider. This season’s launch marks our 20th collection of seasonal products. Throughout the years, we have learned and grown with each collection, and ten years from when we started selling seasonal collections, we’re happy and proud of the result!


New Fashion

Winter doesn’t mean you and your horse have to wear black and we want to celebrate the beauty of the season with warm winter trends. This is apparent in our new range of winter rugs in vibrant new blues and yellows. Our product designers have redesigned our winter rugs, but they maintain the qualities that make them so popular, including high gussets to give the absolute best freedom of movement and a sturdy neck lining to lift the rug from the horse’s body to prevent chafing. For riders, we have an all-new range of winter jackets including classy short jackets, such as the Sierra Jacket, as well as a sophisticated long jacket.

New Features

This autumn introduces our new “Outfits” feature. We’ve put together several product outfits for you and your horse that bring out new pieces that compliment each other and really belong together. You can, for example, get a matching saddle pad, tendon boots, and fetlock boots in a dazzling bright blue for your horse, or a cool new competition outfit right here.

New Favorites

Here’s a handful of the products that I personally feel you shouldn’t miss out on:

Catherines riding set

Catherines riding set

Brea Women's T-shirt

Brea Women’s T-shirt

Alexis Long Jacket

Alexis Long Jacket

Katie Women's Fleece

Katie Women’s Fleece


Riley Women's Jacket

Riley Women’s Jacket


We love your feedback! Let us know what you think and we’ll pass on your feedback to our product designers.


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Rune is the chief coordinator for sales, marketing and product assortment for the company. He is also Chairman on the Board for Finntack, the organisation to which Horze belongs. The job consists of sales development, managing training, ensuring the company is able to meet daily challenges. Rune loves to challenge the toughest competitors and to constantly be at the forefront of development within price, quality, logistics and design. In his free time he likes to train, especially skiing slalam in the winter, though he enjoys more of a sea life in the summer.

  • lindsey lyle

    Obviously the site isn’t updated with the fall collection yet :( all of the links in this blog don’t work and I only see the book for the summer 2013 collection on the site. looking forward to when we can actually buy it though!

    • Tabby Jacobs

      Hi Lindsey, The fall collection has unfortunately not reached the States yet. It’ll be with you within a couple of weeks :)