Top tips for: Hacking out


Here are 10 tips for making your rides out of the stable even better.

Advice and tips from Wendy
Tekst: Hilde Martinsen

Is there anything better than hacking out? It really is every horse lovers dream. Riding in the forest, galloping along the beach or trekking long, beautiful mountain paths. It’s important to remember that horses react differently out in nature than they do at home in the stable. Normally they’re more easily excited and nervous. Even a horse that usually seems lazy can suddenly be like a turbo engine when out on a ride.

When the weather is nice it’s the perfect opportunity to take longer rides out with your friends. Here are some tips for riding out to make these trips as perfect as possible:

  1. Plan your trip before hand so that you don’t go out riding unprepared. Let others know where you are going.
  2. Choose a route that fits the weather and the experience of the riders. 
  3. Check over your horse, especially its shoes before you leave.
  4. Check both your, and your horses equipment.
  5. Take your mobile phone.
  6. Take a hoof pick with you in case something gets stuck in your horse’s shoe.
  7. Dress according to the weather. Take extra clothes just in case.
  8. Take a nice rest on the trip, especially after a good gallop.
  9. Take food and drink with you. Remember some nice snacks for your horse and make sure it gets water.
  10. Set the tempo according to the terrain. Slow down the pace when on particularly hard ground.

Have a great ride!

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Hilde is the editor for Norwegian riding magazine, Wendy/, as well as other equestrian related products published by Egmont Kids Media AS. She has been working for Wendy since 2004 and has been instrumental in starting the Wendy Summer Camp concept, where Wendy arranges riding camps for their readers. She has also arranged stands at large equestrian exhibitions. Hilde writes many of Wendy's articles, both in the magazine and online. She has worked as a consultant and edited several equestrian books published in Norway. She loves horses and riding, although living in the busy capital city of Norway prevents her from owning her own horse. She has two daughters that are accomplished riders, and all three enjoy riding everywhere, from the mountains of Norway to the beaches of Malaysia.