Dogs & Cats on Horze


We’ve got 20% off all dog and cat equipment this week! Here are some of our best sellers that you may not have heard of.




Croco travel carrier: Smart travel bag for transporting small dogs. Attractive leather look.









 Best Dog feed bowlAn attractive, round food bowl that suits every interior. It is made of quality melanine plastic. The bowl is detachable for easy cleaning.









Minipal rest bed blue: Minipal rest bed is a nice and soft bed for your puppy or small dog.







Cat litter box Bill: A spacious cat litter box with a transparent top, so your cat doesn’t feel trapped. The bottom is blue. Includes door, filter, scoop, storage compartments and anti-slip pads.







Scratching post N’joy, blueN’joy is a cheerful-looking scratching post with three balls on elastic that make a great toy for your cat. Colour: blue.

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