Brand new Icelandic products!


We’re delighted to finally be offering our customers products for Icelandic riding. When conducting research for the next collection we found that there was an increasing demand for Icelandic products as the sport continues to grow. This demand, we found is not being suitably met which is our customers have been reporting to us that they’d like to see Icelandic products in our collection. We hope this is a collection that many Icelandic riders will be happy to welcome into the market. We’ll be adding to it in the coming months and years to create a comprehensive collection. Here are some of our favourites, with some personal reasons for why we like them:

Horze Reykjavík Numnah

The fiiting on this numnah is something we’re really proud of. They contain a built-in pad which helps relieve pressure on the horse’s back, and spreads weight across the back, taking away the direct pressure on the spine. It’s cut perfectly for icelandic saddles, without being too deep.

Horze Myra Women’s Reversible Teddy Fleece Jacket

This fleece is all about comfort! With it’s snug fit and feather soft touch, it’s hard to refuse this jacket on a chilly day. What’s great about it, is that the jacket is fully reversible, with one smooth side with flatlock covered seams, while the other side is furry with piping covered seams. Back length is 38: 70cm.





Horze Borgarnes Bridle

The Borgarnes bridle is made in a new and fashionable style: It has a drop noseband and U-shaped browband with two rows of crystals, square stainless steel fittings and split crown pieced with buckles for adjustment. Adjustments for the cheek sit at top of crown. It is real leather, and should be cleaned using leather cream.








Horze Aleiga Women’s Denim Jodhpur Breeches

These jodhpurs are in true and traditional Iceland style. However, they’re still about modern practicality and they have detachable elastic bands at the leg ends, zippers at the legs and the synthetic leather at the knee goes down to the bottom. Sophisticated Iceland flag logo and map embroidery on the back pockets to add to the native feeling.



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We hope you enjoy the new collection. If you want to see something else in out Icelandic collection, let us know by commenting in the box below.

Anneli is Product Manager for all horse and stable products, as well as riders shoes, helmets and body protectors. From Sweden, she works from an office there, travelling to the head offices in Oslo and Helsinki at least once a month. A big horse lover, Anneli spends as much time as possible in the stable. She has had her own horses, but now tends to lend from her friends, because of her busy lifestyle.